DIY Kits you purchase pipe locally - Tarp, Fittings & Bungees Included.

Tired of only having a few options to choose from, with our Build-A-Canopy Menu you choose the tarp size, roof peak and frame fitting size.  We have a large variety of Valanced and Plain Poly Tarps to choose from as well as the most popular roof styles on the market.  If you want to go even further you can order tarps and frame fittings separately to become as creative as you want.
Build a DIY Canopy
The DIY Kit Menu will walk you through the key elements in building your own Do It Yourself Canopy Kit. It is very simple to build your own canopy, simply choose your tarp size, roof style and fitting size.
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1. Select tarp size and style (valanced or non-valanced)
2. Select the Roof Style (Low, Med or High House or Low Slant)
3. Select Fitting Size (1", 1 3/8" or 1 5/8" Tubing)